Prescription Charges

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)

The Conservative Party seem to be in a bit of a muddle with their arguments about prescription charges (‘Tories criticise free prescription policy’, page 2, Monday 2 April).

Here in Wales they are arguing that the policy of free prescriptions is “not sustainable”, yet in England Health Minister Simon Burns seeks to justify the rise in prescription charges by claiming that 90% of items are dispensed free. 

If charges are only being made in 10% of cases, then surely it would be better to scrap the charge altogether and save money on administration?  That is, after all, the very argument that the government made for cutting the top rate of income tax.

Based on the government’s own arguments, it seems that Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have got it right on prescription charges, and that England is lagging behind.


Keith M Ross, Green Party Candidate, Uplands & Brynmill


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