Waste and Litter in Uplands & Brynmill

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)


This morning I took a stroll around Beechwood Road, including Ernald Place.  Despite the sunshine it was not a pleasant walk, and I can confirm K Evans’ observations (Have Your Say, Wednesday 11 April).

It seems the Bank Holiday has confused a lot of people, and not just students.  In addition to several piles of black bags put out incorrectly last week and left in the street, a significant number of people have put their bags out on the usual collection day rather than a day later as they should.  Many of these bags have been ripped open by birds, foxes or rats and a lot of food and other waste has been scattered around the pavements.

Alternate weekly collections have lead to a significant increase in the amount of waste being recycled, and consequent reduction in waste going to landfill saving a lot of public money.  But it seems that the message is still not getting through to some people for some reason.

Throughout the whole of the ten years I have lived in Brynmill people have been complaining about waste and litter in the area.  Despite many promises of action and seemingly endless discussions at public meetings, the problem has continued to get worse.  Waste and litter lying around the streets of Uplands and Brynmill is now a daily reality for all residents, and the Health and Safety implications of this need urgent and serious consideration.

When the newly formed Council convenes following the election on 3 May we are going to need fresh thinking and a whole new approach on this issue so that we are not still in the same situation in another 10 years.

Anything else would be a serious dereliction of duty on the part of the Council.


Keith M Ross, Green Party Candidate, Uplands and Brynmill


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