Lib Dem Spin

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)

Council Leader Chris Holley must be dizzy from all the spinning he’s having to do about the short list for Traveller sites. (‘We may reject all 5 shortlisted traveller sites’, Monday 16 April, page 6).  But then the Lib Dems are no strangers to spin.

Their latest leaflet being circulated in Uplands & Brynmill contains the astonishing statement, “Tenants voted overwhelmingly to keep the Lib Dem Council as their landlords”; as if the vote in 2007 was a ringing endorsement of Lib Dem management of Council Housing in Swansea.

In fact the vote was an overwhelming rejection of the Lib Dem proposal to transfer Swansea’s Council Housing stock to a Registered Social Landlord.

Since then the council has struggled to find the funding required to implement the Welsh Housing Quality Standards – until now that is, when, as if by magic, they find £80million to spend on upgrading council housing over the next few years.

Nothing to do with the impending election of course!


Keith M Ross, Green Party Candidate, Uplands Ward


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