Community Action Plans for Swansea

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)

People across Swansea will sympathise with residents of Mumbles who are concerned about decline in the village (‘Village is neglected instead of invested in, claim traders’, page 5, Monday 23 April).

Whilst Swansea Council has pursued their grand plan for the city centre, other areas have suffered from years of neglect and decline.

There is no doubt that the City Centre Action Plan has had a positive impact, as evidenced by the Keep Wales Tidy report which found the city centre was of “an incredibly high standard”, to name but one recent report praising the city centre.

However, this is not a description that could be applied to many other areas of Swansea.

In our local election manifesto the Green Party is calling for the implementation of Community Action Plans for every area of Swansea so that the whole of the city and county can be developed to the high standards that we have a right to expect as citizens of Wales’ Premier City.


Keith M Ross, Swansea Green Party


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