Shale Gas Extraction in the Swansea Area

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)

The letter from Dave Lees (Have Your Say, Monday 30 April) is typical of those who advocate the exploitation of shale gas, focussing solely on the economic argument and telling us nothing about the wider environmental and social consequences of shale gas extraction.

Nor does Mr Lees mention the impact of a new dash for gas on the future of renewable energy or on action to combat climate change.

Growing evidence from the US suggests that there is serious cause for concern around water and air pollution caused by fracking.

Legitimate questions are now being raised by communities in the UK around the effects on the local environment and on water resources, which are already stretched to capacity in many places.

This is why greens are calling for a moratorium on both onshore and offshore exploration of shale gas until the impacts can be more fully understood.

With the real possibility of shale gas extraction in the Mawr area, this is a matter of great concern for the people of Swansea and the arguments of John Childs and others should not be glibly dismissed.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Why is it so hard to find out which energy companies support or are involved with fracking, I would wish to boycott these. Also the chemicals used are extremely toxic, carcinogenic, neurotoxic gene and endocrine toxic etc ) property values plummet, so when u become ill from the pollution and want to move u can’t, they also use a hell of water which in the present situattion would be better used elsewhere. In America they have had a lot of wateir pollution and air pollution, whole families affected and ill, farm land has been polluted, instantly killing off pasture and wildlife migrations have been affected too, animals have more sense than we do and choose to avoid it.!


  2. should read a lot a hell of a lot of water and situation sorry about typos


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