Shale Gas Extraction – some additional facts

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)

Gordon Triggs (Have Your Say, Tuesday 8 May) omits some important statistics from his support of shale gas extraction and fracking.

He makes no mention of the 2,000 plus court cases outstanding in the USA relating to contamination of drinking water caused by fracking and associated processes.

Nor does he make mention of the vast amounts of fresh water that are required by fracking – between 2 and 3 million gallons per well.  Given the recent drought problems in the UK, this is an important consideration.

He also fails to mention that as a result of the increased use of shale gas in the USA, they now have the highest carbon emissions per capita of any western country, more than double that of the UK.

And his hope that we “will not find some way of giving away this natural gift to foreign competitors” is already forlorn as the company most involved in fracking proposals throughout the UK, Dart Energy, is an Australian company.

Allowing shale gas extraction in the Mawr area will put the drinking water supply for Swansea at significant risk.  Using the extracted gas will increase carbon emissions throughout the UK, and any profits made will be exported to other parts of the world.

On the other hand, a recent Government study (‘Study shows wind farms are creating wealth‘, Evening Post, Tuesday 8 May, page 27) has shown that wind farms created thousands of jobs and generated millions of pounds for the UK economy last year, including £1000 of direct local community benefit for every megawatt generated.


Keith M Ross, Swansea Green Party


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  1. Edited version of the letter published in today’s Evening Post.


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