Greens support calls for a Living Wage in Wales

The Green Party has given its support to the Save the Children campaign for a Living Wage in Wales (1) and has called on Swansea’s new Labour controlled Council to take this onboard.

Save the Children launched their campaign last week following responses to a survey in which young people expressed concerns about finding a decent wage to live on when they are older.

Academic studies have calculated that the minimum level of pay to ensure an acceptable standard of living is £7.20 per hour (2).  This compares to the current National Minimum Wage of £6.08 per hour for adults aged over 21 (£4.98 for 18-20 year olds).

Keith M Ross of Swansea Green Party said, “The large income disparities that characterise our society are a sign of significant social and economic injustice. The Green Party supports this campaign because we believe that working people should be paid a decent, living wage and, like every other citizen, be entitled to a sufficient level of economic security to meet their needs.

“Swansea Council are currently undertaking a review of terms and conditions for all staff, and this presents them with the ideal opportunity to lead the way in introducing a Living Wage in Wales.

“If they can do it in Brighton, then why not Swansea?” (3 and 4)


1.      Step Up: Our Campaign for a Living Wage to Live Life:

2.      Living Wage Foundation:

3.      Next steps toward “Living wage” for Brighton 7 Hove unveiled:

4.      Despite the cuts, Green councils deliver:

(Jason Kitcat is the Green Party Cabinet Member for Finance on Brighton City Council)


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