A Living Wage in Wales

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)

Robert Lloyd Griffiths, Director of the Institute of Directors in Wales, says that a living wage “just isn’t realistic in the environment we live in.” (Evening Post, Monday 18 June, page 2).

We are told we need to pay the heads of banking and big business huge salaries and bonuses in order to get the right person for the job.  Yet Mr Griffiths and his ilk expect people to work for less money than they need to live at the same time as the government is cutting tax credits that low paid workers rely on to top up their income.

This is hardly a recipe for getting Wales back to work and off benefit dependency.  Nor is it likely to help with efforts to reduce child poverty in Wales.

The large income disparities that characterise our society are a sign of significant social and economic injustice. The Green Party supports the Living Wage campaign because we believe that working people should be paid a decent, living wage and, like every other citizen, be entitled to a sufficient level of economic security to meet their needs.

Of course small businesses will struggle to pay a living wage, but hopefully the Welsh Government will find a way to support those who are brave enough to put the welfare of their workers first.  In the meantime those who can afford it, the larger employers, should step up to the plate and do the decent thing by their staff.

Our local councils in particular should follow the lead of the Welsh Government and ensure that all their staff are paid a living wage.

If they can do it in Brighton, then why not Swansea?


Keith M Ross, Swansea Green Party


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  1. Edited version of the letter appeared in the Evening Post on 23 June (link).


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