Swansea University Makes the Grade in Green Exams

The Green Party has welcomed Swansea University’s improvement in its environmental and ethical performance over the past 12 months.

The People and Planet Green League 2012 assessed the performance of 145 universities across the UK, scoring them on their actions and attitudes towards green living. Universities were rated on a variety of measures including: environmental policy, carbon management, fairtrade, sustainable food and ethical investment.

In 2011 Swansea University was awarded a “Fail”, being placed 122nd out of 142.

But the last year has seen a significant improvement, with the University climbing to 70th place overall (4th in Wales) and being awarded an “Upper Second Class” pass.

Swansea University gained “Excellent” ratings in Environmental Policy, Student and Staff Engagement and Curriculum; but were also rated “Awful” for Ethical Investment and Carbon Management.

Swansea Metropolitan University improved slightly this year, coming 89th (Lower Second) in the UK compared to 94th in 2011.

Swansea Met was rated “Excellent” for Curriculum, but “Awful” for Sustainable Food.  They also failed the test on Ethical Investment and Carbon Management.

Keith M Ross of Swansea Green Party said, “The improvement in the performance of our local universities over the past year is very welcome – but there’s obviously a lot of work still to be done.  Swansea University in particular seems to be trying hard, but could do better.

“Our Universities should pride themselves on leading the way in environmental and ethical performance – setting standards for the rest of the community to follow.”


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  1. Short extract from this press release appeared in today’s Evening Post.


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